mobile aplication PrivateSms

Have you experienced that when someone play your mobile and look at your private sms?
PrivateSms can protect your SMS by password and auto-protect your future msgs by senders which you added to the private list.
*group send function
fix some msgs get through bug.

Now, you can download it from Android Market

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5 Responses to mobile aplication PrivateSms

  1. L says:

    Is there a way to ever view those text messages that you set to “direct delete?” Will they appear on your monthly statement under your text log?
    Thank you.

  2. ricardo says:

    If I left the (system) Notification ON I get the blinked led and duplicate message under my private box. However, if I turn the notification OFF, I receive a single message (which is correct) but then I have no idea that there’s a message to be read.

    Any chance of adding some alert (tone or vibrate) to it?

  3. H says:


    what is the behaviour if a MMS was sent to a private number ?

    Thank you

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