mobile aplication SmsGuard

Mobile application SmsGuard can block unwanted text without notification.

Now, you can download it from android Market

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6 Responses to mobile aplication SmsGuard

  1. kt says:

    Works great, no more rude or annoying texts! HTC evo 4g

  2. dars says:

    works great on my nexus one.. best app for this task. add filter by keywords..

  3. klaydze says:

    FC when accessing Preferences. G1 froyo 2.2 ROM.

  4. Proaffairs says:

    It works great until updates came along and it continue to install without stopping. It doesn’t stop even after uninstalling from my Android phone SE X10. I believe it’s blocking my other apps downloads, all my downloads have been unsuccessful since then. What am I going to do?

  5. Bettina says:

    I love smsguard.
    I have had it on my old HTC legend.
    Now I invested in an Iphone and I sure miss it (smsguard) a lot!
    I wish for you to make for Iphone <3
    Or do you know anything like it, for Iphone??

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