Cell phone apps idea


If you have any ideas of cell phone applications please tell us, and We will implement your idea with our technique.

Let’s change our surrounding world with mobile. Nowadays, we have abilities to make our life much more better than before with our technique.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

Guardam team

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10 Responses to Cell phone apps idea

  1. Bart Brimley says:

    I’d like an application that would send an automated text to unwanted received texts. Ie, “this is an automatic response. All future correspondence from you has been blocked…because you’re a psycho-bitch.”

    • Guardam says:

      Hello, the mobile application GBlocker already has that option, you can set individual text reply to different phone number.

  2. maria says:

    Hello, id’ll like the same thing that it could send a reply to the number everytime that person will text somethin like ur message was not delived

    • Guardam says:

      Hi, GBlocker has that option already, you can set “block with text reply” option to reply a text to whose text your mobile you do not want to receive.

  3. Nicki Ads says:

    hello there as there are so many people with iphones do you think you could try and make a gblocker for the apple apps i and several of my friends all say they would gladly pay for this app if it was available cheers

  4. klaydze says:

    Hi, I already buy your GBlocker application and its amazing. I would like to suggest to have an auto forward text when you receive a message to specific number. For example, I received a text mesage to number 123 then the message of 123 will automatically forwarded to my other number (secondary phone).


  5. Zaid AbdulQawi says:

    I and lots of others would love a tethering app that can be used for Xbox 360 without having a computer or without having to use a computer at all. Will surely pay for such an app. Mytouch 3g.

  6. josh says:

    A Samsung specific tether program would be awesome I have tried multiple tether programs. I can tether a mytouch but not my Samsung galaxy.

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