mobile aplication GBlocker

Did you experienced that someone always calls your mobile or sms to your mobile and you do not want to receive it? If your mobile is under the trouble of someone’s calls or sms, this application is the only one you need to make you far away from those persons. Just add them to block list right now!
Mobile application GBlocker can block unwanted incoming calls.
Supported mobile platform: Android
1.Block unwanted calls by #
2.block unknown #s(callers with no # display)
3.block not in Contacts
4.block a range of #s,such as 1800XXX
5.block calls & send a msg to blocked #(you can set different text for each number)
6.password protect
7.block sms for android 1.6 or above user
any issue,please email me
You can download it from Android Market.
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